Cryotherapy in Rock Hill

Cryotherapy in Rock Hill SC

Interested in Cryotherapy in Rock Hill? GR-Pro is a low temperature (34 degrees) active compression therapy that effectively removes metabolic waste and swelling from the injury site. Whether you are an elite athlete with injuries or an everyday patient, you want to get back into action now. You want to do more than treat symptoms, you want to accelerate healing. Game Ready goes beyond damage control to proactively help you recover faster.

Benefits of the GR-Pro Cryotherapy in Rock Hill

  • 34 degree circulating ice water to promote healing and swelling reduction
  • Increases speed of recovery post-workout or competition
  • Great form of Anti-inflammatory
  • GR-Pro can help get you back competing & training fast

Schedule your GR-Pro session and find out how this amazing piece of equipment can help speed up injury recovery and get you back training and competing in no time!

For more information on the GameReady Ice Compression, visit their website.


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