Chiropractic Testimonials

"Very friendly staff. They make you feel like you’re visiting a friend rather than attending a doctor’s appointment."

- Tracy

"Dr. Clay is wonderful."

- Dawn

"Dr. Clay and staff were so welcoming and made me feel comfortable when my back was really painful. After just a few short treatments i was sleeping and moving better throughout the day. Thank you so much for your help."

- Sarah

"Dr. Clay is great. He really listens and asks questions not only about the issues that brought you to see him, but also about the goals that you are trying to achieve. He has worked with me through hip, back and shoulder issues and has rehabilitated me well enough to compete (and achieve personal bests!) in many different races. He understands athletes, and knows how to address the strain that training puts on an athlete’s body. I cannot recommend him enough!"

- Meaghan

"Very quick im in and out and still get specialized attention. Excited about how quickly I should have normal posture and a painfree back! Would definitely recommend."

- Christine

"Doctor Clay is wonderful!!"

- Lynn

"I had a lower back injury from High school football that would bother me often. Now as an adult i travel a lot which is hard on my low back. Dr. Clay has helped relieve my low back pain symptoms and has given me advice/feedback on how to strengthen and stabilize my low back to help reduce my symptoms and make my work day that much more comfortable. Thanks doc!"

- Case

"Dr. Clay was able to reduce my neck pain and headaches in a matter of just a few treatments. I was suprised to find out how much better i could move my neck and how much easier my office work is now that i have fewer neck pains and headaches."

- Tovah

"Great practice! The front office was very professional and friendly. Dr. Clay was very professional and competently addressed my back issues. Great overall experience!"

- Brennan

"Great friendly service and excellent chiropractic care for naturally healing! Enjoy the exercise advice and muscle therapy which makes you feel you get your money’s worth! Highly recommend them because they truly care about your health!"

- Reed

"Dr. Clay is an intelligent and understanding doctor. He has a healing touch."

- Dr. Reilly

"Dr. Clay is a great guy to work with. Very understanding to ones athletic needs."

- Brandon

"Dr. Clay has a great bedside manner and was able to figure out the root of my problem. I had been having low back pain for years before seeing Dr. Clay. After just a few short visits I’m already feeling better and on the road to recovery."

- Anonymous


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