Massage Cupping Therapy in Rock Hill SC

Chiropractic Rock Hill SC Cupping

Cupping is a massage treatment that came from traditional Chinese medicine. The practice uses glass or plastic cups to create a vacuum seal on different regions of the body. The suction created by this seal brings blood to the surface of the skin to aid in healing. Although cupping therapy in Rock Hill SC is not painful, the patient commonly walks away with circular spots on the areas where the cups were applied.

Massage Cupping Therapy in Rock Hill SC

Patients who have had cupping sessions found that it relieved muscle pain and helped improve range of motion to injured areas. Cupping can be an effective way to reduce muscle stiffness associated with common body aches and pains. Cupping loosens the muscles and brings an influx of blood to the area while softening the underlying muscle tissues which can lead to increased joint and muscle mobility.

Like other massage treatments, cupping can be incredibly relaxing. The therapist might move the cups around the body similar to Swedish or deep tissue massage. While the goal of the session is to target certain trouble areas of the body, a cupping treatment can improve your overall sense of relaxation.

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