Disc Injury in Rock Hill

disc injury can be helped by a chiropractor

Have you been diagnosed with a disc injury or a slipped disc? The severity of a disc injury can depend heavily on the circumstances surrounding how it was sustained. The complexity and pain associated with the injury necessitate the care of an experienced chiropractor. Our chiropractic team at Celanese Chiropractic Health & Performance has the training to allow you to overcome your injury and return to living your life pain-free.

The thin cushions that space your vertebrae and allow them to function at their best are known as discs. These little discs have a rigid layer around their circumference and a more spongy center to cushion your spinal column. There are discs in between each one of your vertebrae and they are important in maintaining your flexibility and nerve function. If these discs were absent, movement would be impossible.

Herniated Disc

If there is a herniated disc in your back, then the cushiony substance inside your disc has leaked partially out from underneath the vertebrae. The majority of herniated discs are located in the lower back, but they can also occur near the neck. Some people report having no symptoms, however this condition often results in the inflammation of the surrounding nerves causing pain, numbness, tingling, or weakness.

Most herniated discs come from wear and tear on the body and the degeneration of discs due to advancing age. As your discs become less flexible, they are more prone to tear or rupture. Very rarely does someone have a herniated disc that is caused by a single event.


On the most extreme end of the disc injury spectrum, there is a disc extrusion. This condition results in the internal fluid of the disc popping nearly entirely out from underneath the disc or even bursting out completely. This often results in excruciating pain and a significant reduction in flexibility.

If you want to recover from your disc injury, trust Celanese Chiropractic Health & Performance in Rock Hill to get you back on the road to feeling pain-free. Contact us today if you have any questions by taking advantage of our free consultation.


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